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Dutch Prepaid credit card

Easily apply for a Dutch prepaid credit card without BKR review.

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Money2Go Prepaid MasterCard

6,4 on the basis of 13 reviews

Credit limit


Purchase insurance


Annual fee

€ 9,95

    Viabuy Prepaid MasterCard

    7,7 on the basis of 23 reviews

    Credit limit


    Purchase insurance


    Annual fee

    € 19,90

    • One-time fee of € 69,90

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    A prepaid credit card works easily: you deposit a set amount of money on the card in advance, and then you can make payments and purchases worldwide. The advantage is that you can never spend more than you have paid with the card. This makes the prepaid card ideal for people who somehow cannot get a normal credit card, for example because of a limited income or negative BKR listing.


    With a prepaid credit card, often called debit card, it is intended that the user first transfers money to the credit card before he can pay with it. For a prepaid credit card, it is not possible to make purchases without a positive balance on the credit card. A BKR review is therefore not necessary because no credit or loan is provided.

    The operation of a prepaid card is similar to that of a bank card because you can only make expenses as far the balance is sufficient. However, the advantage of a prepaid card is that you have the same payment convenience as with a regular credit card. Please note the terms of the debit card. For some cards, you can not guarantee car rentals or pay at unmanned petrol pumps and toll roads. Your credit card provider can inform you about this


    Although a prepaid credit card is relatively inexpensive, the user must pay an annual contribution or fee to the card provider. In addition, as a user, you pay a small fee for each time you charge the card. This allowance may vary between a fixed amount (e.g., 1 euro) or a fixed percentage of the amount you want to transfer. In addition, there may be a negative balance on the card, for example when the annual contribution is retained and there is insufficient balance on the card. If the user does not pay in time, a fine may be charged.


    At, you can easily compare different prepaid credit cards based on different features, such as spending limit, annual contribution, upgrade costs, and terms. You can request the prepaid credit card in the provider’s secure environment.